Sincpac-C3D Video Demonstrations and Tutorials

All of the videos on this page require one or more modules of the Sincpac C3D. To see demonstrations and tutorials for tasks that can be performed with plain Civil 3D, head to the Tutorials page.

Most of the videos on this page are about five minutes in length.

We are gradually updating our list of video demonstrations and tutorials.  We also have a number of new videos planned for release in the near future.  So be sure to check back regularly for the latest releases!

  • General Text Features (6:28)
    Illustrates a number of basic features of the Sincpac-C3D, which help work with General Note and Line/Curve Object Layer settings, background masks for Mtext and Mleaders, and functionality to auto-rotate Mtext, Mleaders, and Dimensions to match the current DVIEW TWIST.  (Some of the tasks demonstrated in this video require the Drafting module of the Sincpac C3D; others may be performed with any of the three modules.)
  • Export Cogo Points to Google Earth (5:35)
    Export Cogo Points to a KMZ file (compressed KML file), which may be opened in Google Earth.  Includes the ability to map Point Markers to custom graphics, which may be included in the KMZ file  (The tasks demonstrated in this video require the Points module of the Sincpac C3D.)