About Us

Quux Software was created as a means of distributing the Sincpac C3D extension for Civil 3D.  This collection of tools was created by Richard Sincovec, a Land Surveyor at Edward-James Surveying, Inc., in Colorado Springs, CO.  (Mr. Sincovec is known as "Sinc" in many of the on-line CAD forums.)

Edward-James Surveying, Inc. is one of the premier Land Survey firms in Colorado Springs, with a history of pushing the technology of Land Surveying.  Even while using Land Desktop, Edward-James Surveying, Inc. still pushed the boundaries of what was capable with the software, and developed a number of Lisp routines that greatly aided the Land Surveyor in using Autodesk Land Desktop.  Many of those routines were combined into a package called "The Sincpac", and released to the general public as a free download.  These routines have now been downloaded hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of times since they were first released in 2004, and are still available for free download from the Edward-James website.

The LotCorners command - the command that started it all.

But technology marches on, and Edward-James Surveying, Inc. transitioned into Civil-3D starting in 2006, becoming one of the earliest Survey-only firms to do so.  And while we were delighted with many of the features of Civil-3D, especially its new dynamic surfaces and corridors, we were also disappointed with the lack of key support for typical Survey tasks.

The first command we created to address our needs was the LotCorners command, which let us generate COGO points for all lot corners in an entire subdivision with the press of a button.  This command was followed very shortly by the FreePt, NextPt, and the all-important StakeFeatures commands.  From there, things began to snowball...

The result is the Sincpac C3D.  Developed "on the job" by working Land Surveyors, the Sincpac C3D addresses many of the gaps in Civil-3D that make Civil-3D difficult for Surveyors to use.  Like the original Sincpac for Land Desktop, the initial versions of the Sincpac C3D were also released to the general community free-of-charge, in the interests of serving the community.

Over time, though, the Sincpac C3D has grown to involve so much effort and time to produce that, unfortunately, the decision was made that we could no longer give it away free of charge.  However, we found the toolset to be so valuable that we wanted to continue to make it available to the community at large.  The result is Quux Software.

Starting in early 2009, Quux Software was joined by community stalwart Jeff Mishler, who began contributing his efforts to further the development of the Sincpac-C3D.  And in mid-2011, we were joined by Christopher Fugitt, aka Civil 3D Reminders, another well-known member of the community.  Like Mr. Sincovec, both Mr. Mishler and Mr. Fugitt also perform real-world work as users of Civil 3D, so all of the tools in the Sincpac-C3D are created from the user's perspective, and are designed to address real-world problems encountered by actual users of Civil 3D.  That is why the Sincpac-C3D does so well at complementing and extending the built-in functionality of Civil 3D. Sadly, in December 2012, Richard Sincovec was taken from us by a sudden illness. While his invaluable input will be missed, Jeff, with Christopher's help, has taken over the reigns and will continue to keep Quux Software, and Sincpac C3D, growing to be sure our customers can get their work done faster and easier than they can with Civil 3D alone.

The Sincpac C3D has a rapidly-growing community of current users providing feedback, and new tools are being constantly added, all with the goal of making Civil-3D more-powerful and easier-to-use.  Many exciting new tools are already in the works, and will be unveiled soon.  And as the core Civil-3D product changes, expect the Sincpac C3D to also change, and address the evolving needs of the users.