Civil 3D Tutorial Videos

The video demonstrations listed below may be performed in any version of Civil 3D, although there may be slight variations from version to version.

Also be sure to check out our video demonstrations of tasks that can be performed in Civil 3D with the Sincpac-C3D.

General Tasks

  • Add Boundaries to Surfaces (6:28)
    A demonstration of one method of creating a boundary around a surface, which can be particularly handy for creating boundaries along long objects such as highways or roadways.
  • Processing Survey Data (20:05)
    A demonstration of how to use the built-in Field-to-Finish (F2F) functionality of Civil 3D.

Coordinate Transformation

  • Project Coordinates to Grid Coordinates (6:58)
    A demonstration of how to configure the Transformation Tab to generate approximate Grid Coordinates from a drawing containing Project Coordinates. The Project Coordinates are linked to the Grid using a combined scale factor.
  • Assumed Coordinates to Project Coordinates (7:31)
    A demonstration of how to import data collected in an Assumed coordinate system into a drawing using a Project Coordinate system.
  • Define a Custom Grid Projection (6:30)
    A demonstration of how to setup a Custom Grid Projection, such as for a Low Distortion Projection.
  • Transform Between Grid Projections (6:34)
    A demonstration of how to pull data in a State Plane coordinate system into the Low Distortion Projection created in the previous video.