Video created 24 Jan 2010

Coordinate Transformations:
Converting Between Grid Projections

The video below shows how to pull State Plane data into a drawing that uses our new Low Distortion Projection (LDP).  First, we'll add a couple of USGS quad maps to our drawing, using an FDO connection to reproject the quad maps from State Plane into our LDP.  Then, we'll pull in some survey data that was collected in State Plane, using Civil 3D's built-in coordinate conversion capabilities to transform the points to our LDP.

This demonstration uses the Low Distortion Projection we created in the previous video.  If you have not already watched that video, you may wish to watch it prior to watching this one.

The tasks illustrated in this demonstration may be performed in any version of Civil 3D, and do not require the Sincpac C3D.

(Run time: 6 min 34 sec)