Quicksets are a fast and easy way of saving and recalling the settings for various commands.  These Quicksets can also be imported and exported between DWG and DWT files, so it is easy to transfer them to or from your drawing template.  (Note:  Quicksets are disabled in the Free Edition.)

The Quickset Panel can be seen along the top of the dialog box to the left.  Saved settings can be recalled by selecting a Quickset from the drop-down box.  Clicking on the small icon on the right end of the Quickset Panel calls up the dialog box seen above, which may be used to manage the Quicksets for the current command.

When you have created a useful Quickset, transfer it to your drawing template, and it will be available to you in all new drawings.  Quicksets are not useful for all commands, but for commands like this one, they can be extremely handy.  Many commands in the Sincpac C3D currently utilize Quicksets, and there are plans to revamp some of the other commands to also include this functionality.

For some commands, the Quickset functionality controls the display of data.  For example, in the DISPLAYPROFILE command seen below, the Quicksets remember the order of the columns in the display grid, the size of each column, and the sort order for the display.  So, by creating multiple Quicksets, it is very easy to switch back and forth between your favorite display setups.  For this command, the various options along the top of the screen do not change with the Quickset, but that works well with the design of the dialog box, and the result is a very handy utility that is very easy to use.