Video created 9 Jan 2010

Coordinate Transformations:
Project Coordinates to Grid Coordinates

The video below demonstrates how to configure Civil 3D's Transformation Tab to generate approximate Grid Coordinates from Project Coordinates.

In this demonstration, the drawing uses a Project Coordinate System.  The Project Coordinate System is linked to our Grid System by a combined scale factor.  You may also wish to view the companion video on converting Assumed Coordinates to Project Coordinates. There are also two articles Sinc wrote, Solving Grid to Ground Problem & Working_with_Grid_Coordinates which go into extensive detail about the Grid and Project issues/solutions.

The tasks illustrated in this demonstration may be performed in any version of Civil 3D.  However, this demonstration was performed using Civil 3D 2010, and there may be some variations in other versions of Civil 3D.

(Run time: 6 min 58 sec)