Mission Statement

At Quux Software, we make it our mission to make it easier and faster to do more with Autodesk Civil-3D software, particularly for Surveyors. Our tools are developed by actual users of the product, people who are trying to get projects completed and out the door as quickly as possible.  Every tool is designed from the ground up with Civil-3D in mind, and our tools work only in Civil-3D.

Civil-3D is an extremely powerful program.  Unfortunately, it still contains some significant "gaps" in functionality, especially when it comes to support for Surveyors.  The Sincpac C3D attempts to address major gaps in functionality, by providing some powerful additional commands.  It also provides different interfaces for performing some other common tasks, making it easier and faster to perform many common Civil-3D tasks.  We have heard from many people that they have started thinking of it as the "Express Tools for Civil-3D".  No custom objects created, so there is no concern about sharing your drawings with others who do not have the Sincpac C3D.

The first software release by Quux Software is the Sincpac C3D.  Other tools are in the works, which will be compatible with the Sincpac C3D, and extend the functionality of Civli-3D in other ways.  So stay tuned!