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The ImportCivilStyles command allows any or all Civil Styles in a source drawing to be imported into the current drawing in a single step.

Note: This command is not available in the 2008 and 2009 versions.


Type ImportCivilStyles at the command line. You will then see the "Select Source Drawing" dialog box, seen below:

ImportCivilStyles Select Drawing Dialog

This dialog box provides a number of options for selecting a source drawing. The possible sources are:

Once you select the desired source, click OK. With the current design of Civil 3D, a drawing must be opened in order to import styles from it. So you should see the selected source drawing open in the background, or if it is already open in the Civil 3D editor, the selected source drawing will be made current. You will then see the following dialog, containing all of the Styles available in the selected source drawing:

ImportCivilStyles Dialog

You may choose to filter the styles shown by entering the filter criteria in the text box. The filter mechanism uses Regular Expressions. Select all desired Styles in the tree view. Click on the small triangles to expand or collapse an item. Note that you may click at any point in the tree view, and all items below the selected item are also selected. So it is very easy to select either single Styles, or groups of Styles, or even the entire tree of Styles.

Additionally, you may select the desired behavior for duplicate styles: Overwrite, Skip, or Rename. (Unfortunately, there is no way to control the numbering for the "Rename" option - the next number is automatically generated by Civil 3D.)

Once you have selected the desired Styles, click OK, and the Styles will be imported.

See Also

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