Video created 22 June 2009

Lock to Alignment Horizontal Geometry Point

The video below demonstrates the ability of Dynamic Point Links to lock Cogo Points to the nearest horizontal geometry point in Alignments. (Cogo Points may also be locked to vertical geometry points in Profiles in much the same way.)

The tasks illustrated in this demonstration require the Power Module of the Sincpac C3D, and may be performed in Civil 3D 2008 and later (except for UDP access). Since UDP access is limited in Civil 3D 2008, the ability illustrated in this video for placing the Station and Offset into UDP's is not available in Civil 3D 2008.  However, the Point Lock functionality is fully functional in Civil 3D 2008.

Note: Toward the end of this video, I mention that the Lock can get confused if I move horizontal geometry points too close together, and I am surprised that it seems to work.  However, pay attention to the very last thing I do, when I edit the Alignment geometry one more time.  As I drag that PI, notice how the Cogo Point remains attached to the angle point, instead of remaining attached to the PC, since it is closer to the angle point.

(Run time: 5 min 54 sec)