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IN MEMORIAM, Richard 'Sinc' Sincovec, 1970-2012. This site, Quux Software, and SincpacC3D were created by Sinc over the course of C3D2007-C3D2013. Sadly he departed this world in December, 2012, but I have vowed to carry on development and support, in his honor, for as long as Civil3D is being created. We will greatly miss Sinc's invaluable insight and teaching abilities. - Jeff Mishler

Quux Software is the home of the Sincpac-C3D™, the premier generic toolset extension for Autodesk Civil® and Civil 3D® software.  Now in its tenth year of development, the Sincpac-C3D is a great compliment to the built-in features of Civil 3D.

The Sincpac C3D adds more than 150 general commands and features, and has often been likened to "Express Tools for Civil 3D".  For many users, the Sincpac C3D will pay for itself within the first few days of use, or even within the first few hours of use!

All features and tools in the Sincpac C3D are designed entirely for use in Autodesk Civil 3D® 2008-2018 software (or Autodesk Civil® 2009 or 2010), and all commands work on default Civil 3D entities.  Since no custom objects are involved, your drawings may be shared freely with people who do not have the Sincpac C3D.

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Quotes from users of the Sincpac-C3D:

  • "We constantly find new uses for your software."
  • "Not only is your product extremely useful and priced right, the support is by far the best I have received from any other company."
  • "The Sincpac-C3D makes survey calcs fun..."
  • "I am almost lost without it."
  • "[The Curve Solver] is what I was expecting in the release of Civil 3D...  Keep up the great work."
  • "I love your product because it has saved me so much time!! Much needed tool I think for any surveying company.  So, THANK YOU for this wonderful product!"
  • "Yes, I'll be renewing. Use it too much not to.  I'll admit, I don't use half of what is available, but what I do use, I use A LOT."
  • "AutoCAD C3D is naked without Sincpac!"

Sincpac C3D v3 for Civil 3D 2013 - 2019 Released!

We've now released Version 3.22 of the Sincpac-C3D. This version introduces several new commands, some improvements to older commands, and is C3D 2016 - C3D 2019 compatable.

To see a complete list of changes, fixes, and new features, take a look at the Sincpac C3D change log.

And we're still just beginning!

There is still much more to come!  A number of exciting tools are slated for release in the near future, along with many improvements to the existing tools.  Look for all three Sincpac C3D modules to gain significant additional functionality in the coming weeks and months.  Your purchase of a license includes updates for one year from the date of purchase, so you will gain access to all new tools and features as they are released.

The tools and commands in the Sincpac C3D feature balloon help in the dialog boxes, so most can be used without even reading a help file.  But should you need it, complete help is available at the click of a button.  The help file is available here on-line, so feel free to browse the list of commands and tools in the current version.  Starting with the 2010 version, the Sincpac C3D also features a Ribbon Interface.

And while the Full Edition of the Sincpac-C3D provides the most value, the functionality has been split into three modules, which can be purchased individually or in any combination.  So, if funds are tight, or you really only need a portion of the full functionality, you can select only the module(s) that will give you the greatest benefit in your line of work.  See the Product Matrix for details on which features are available in each module.  Also, feel free to download the complete Sincpac-C3D and request a free trial.

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Head over to our web store to purchase the Sincpac C3D.  Or, if you have any questions, issues with the software, or ideas or requests for additional features and capabilities, don't hesitate to contact us.

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