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The Ribbon Interface


The Sincpac-C3D now features a Ribbon interface. (This Ribbon interface is not available in the 2008 or 2009 versions.)

The Ribbon interface is automatically loaded into your active Toolspace. There is no need to do any special configuration to get the Ribbon interface, and the Sincpac-C3D tab will automatically appear in the Ribbon for each Workspace. Should you desire, you can remove the Sincpac-C3D tab from the Ribbon by using the SP command.

The Ribbon Interface looks like this:

The Ribbon Interface

You may hover the cursor over any button in the Ribbon to see an extended description of the command. While hovering over a Ribbon button, you may also hit F1 to open the complete Help for that command. Note that, if you do not have the Complete Edition of the Sincpac-C3D, you will still see unavailable commands in the Ribbon, but the buttons will be disabled (greyed out).

You may encounter situations where, for some reason, the Sincpac-C3D Ribbon disappears. Should this happen, reload your Workspace, and the Sincpac-C3D Ribbon tab should reappear. You may also use the SPRibbonEnabled command to refresh the Sincpac-C3D tab in the Ribbon.

See Also

Blue Dot SPRibbonEnabled

Enables or disables the Sincpac-C3D tab in the Ribbon interface.