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The ScalePoints command scales Civil-3D Cogo Points horizontally without applying a datum adjustment to the points.


Type ScalePoints at the command line. You will be prompted to select the points you wish to scale. Hit RETURN or right-click to finish selecting objects, or type "PO" to select points by Point Group. You will then be prompted for a base point, and a scale factor. Alternatively, instead of entering a scale factor, you may type "R" to pick scaling points in the drawing.

When selecting the scaling points, you may type "R" (for "Reference") to pick a new reference base point for calculating the scaling distance. This new reference point is only used for selecting the reference distance; the points are still scaled using the scaling base point. (See Example 2 below for an example of how this feature works.)


Example 1:

The following image illustrates the simplest usage of the ScalePoints command. The user selects the lower-left corner as the base point for scaling, then hits "R" to select reference points.

Scale Points Example 1

Example 2:

The following image illustrates how we may use different base points for picking our reference distance. The points are scaled from the scaling base point. The user then hits "R" again to change the reference point before picking each scaling point.

Scale Points Example 2

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