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The TwistGroup command is a cross between the standard ROTATE command and the FlipObjects command. It may be used to rotate a selection set of objects around a pick point, but does not work in the same way as the ROTATE command.


Type TwistGroup at the command line, and select the objects you wish to flip. You may also run this command by selecting one or more objects, right-clicking, and selecting "Twist Group" from the "Sincpac Edit Commands" shortcut menu.

After you have finished selecting objects, you will then be prompted to select the rotation point in the drawing. After you pick the point, the selected objects will be rotated by the set value, and you may select another group of objects

At any time, you may type "T" ("Twist") to change the twist angle. The twist angle is measured counter-clockwise, and uses the UNITS settings to determine the angle format.

Note that this command cannot be used directly on General Line/Curve Labels. However, a General Line Label can be attached to a line, and the line can be flipped with this command.

See Also

Blue Dot FlattenObjects

Similar to the "Flatten" command from the Express Tools, except this command also works on Civil-3D Cogo Points.

Blue Dot FlipObjects

Flip objects 180 degrees.

Blue Dot RotateAligned

Rotate objects to match a linear object. Each selected object is rotated to match the bearing of the closest point on the linear object.

Blue Dot RotateIndividual

Rotate selected objects. Each object is rotated individually around its insertion point. When used on Cogo Points, this command rotates the Point Marker. When used on MLeaders that have a single leader, the MLeader is rotated around the arrowhead.

Blue Dot RotationMatch

Rotate objects to match a selected object. May also be used to rotate objects to match segments of polylines, Feature Lines, Survey Figures, or Parcels. When selecting a linear object, all objects are rotated to match the bearing of the selected point on the linear object.