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The PGAddRemovePoints command can be used to add selected Civil-3D Points to one or more existing point groups, while simultaneously removing the points from other point groups. It can also be used to remove selected points from ALL point groups all at once, should you wish.

Note that in addition to running this command from the command line, you may also run this command by selecting some points, right-clicking, and selecting "To/From Point Groups" from the "Sincpac-C3D Point Commands" shortcut menu.


Type PGAddRemovePoints at the command line, and select the points you wish to add or remove. You will then see a dialog box that looks similar to this one, containing all the Point Groups that currently exist in your drawing:

PGAddRemovePoints Dialog box

The numbers in curly braces indicate the number of points currently in each point group.

In the left pane, select the Point Group(s) you want to add the points to. In the right pane, select the Point Group(s) you want to remove points from. Or, you can select the "Exclude from all other groups" checkbox in the bottom left. This option causes all points to be added to the Point Group(s) selected in the left pane, if any, and removed from all other Point Group(s) at the same time. When this option is selected, the right pane becomes disabled, and is ignored.

The "Protect surfaces" checkbox keeps points from being removed from point groups that are part of a surface definition. The point groups still appear in the list, but no points will be removed from them.

When the "Remember Selections" checkbox is selected, the groups selected in each list will be remembered between invocations of the command. If this checkbox is not selected, the list will be cleared each time the command is run.

This command adds Points to Point Groups by first trying to remove the point number from the "Exclude" list for the Point Group. If the point number is not in the "Exclude" list, then the routine adds the Point Number to the "Include" list. To remove the Point from a Point Group, the routine first attempts to remove the Point Number from the "Include" list. If this doesn't work because the point is still included for some other reason, or if the point number is not in the "Include" list, then the routine adds the Point Number to the "Exclude" list.

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