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The RoundPointElevations command rounds selected Cogo Point elevations to the specified interval.


Type RoundPointElevations at the command line. At the prompt, select the points you wish to move, or type "PO" to select points by Point Group. Alternatively, you may select Cogo Points first, then run the command. After selecting points, you will be prompted to enter the rounding interval (the default value is 0.01).

This command comes in particularly handy when Cogo Points are linked to a Surface or other entity by a Dynamic Point Link. Without using this command, the resulting link may display values that do not add up exactly. For example, say we have a Cogo Point at elevation 100.003, and a surface elevation of 99.996, for a difference of 0.007. However, if we have our display rounded to only two decimal places, we will see a Cogo Point elevation of 100.00, a suface elevation of 100.00, but a difference of 0.01. However, if we use this command to round our Cogo Point elevations to the nearest 0.01, then we'll have a difference of only 0.004, which will round to 0.00. This can be handy when dealing with stubborn review agnencies or others who do not understand or want to accept rounding errors in output.

See Also

Blue Dot DLPoints

Manages dynamic links between Cogo Points and other Civil-3D entities. This allows the elevations of Cogo Points to change dynamically whenever the "master" object changes. Similarly, the description may be set to display the Station/Offset of the point, and the Station/Offset will also dynamically respond to changes in the model. The "master" object may be a Surface, a Profile, an Alignment, or a linear entity such as a Feature Line, Survey Figure, Polyline, or 3D-Polyline.

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Add and/or remove selected Civil-3D Points to/from one or more existing Point Groups.

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Manually create points with a variety of options, including getting the elevation from the pick point.

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Scales Civil-3D Cogo Points horizontally without applying a datum adjustment to the points.

Blue Dot UsedPt

Displays a list of used point numbers in the command window.

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