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The RenameCivilStyles command provides a way to Search and Replace on Style Names. Search and Replace may use a normal search, or regular expressions.

Note: This command is not available in the 2008 and 2009 versions.


Type RenameCivilStyles at the command line. You will then see the following dialog, containing all of the Styles available in the current drawing:

RenameCivilStyles Select Styles Dialog

You may choose to filter the styles shown by entering the filter criteria in the text box. The filter mechanism uses Regular Expressions. Select all desired Styles in the tree view. Click on the small triangles to expand or collapse an item. Note that you may click at any point in the tree view, and all items below the selected item are also selected. So it is very easy to select either single Styles, or groups of Styles, or even the entire tree of Styles.

When you have finished selecting all desired Styles, click OK, and you will see a dialog box like the following:

RenameCivilStyles Dialog

This box gives you the option of adding a prefix or a suffix to all selected drawings, or searching and replacing values in the Names of all selected Styles. When the "Use Regular Expressions" button is selected, the "Old Value" and "New Value" are used as search pattern and replacement string for a regular expression replacement.

You may also specify whether you wish to perform a search and replace on just the Style Names, just the Style Descriptions, or both the Style Names and Style Descriptions.

Once you have specified the desired options, click OK, and the Styles will be renamed.

See Also

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