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The DrawingTemplate system variable links the current drawing to a drawing template.


Type DrawingTemplate at the command line. You will then see the current setting for this system variable, and will be asked if you wish to change it. If you wish to link this drawing to a different template, answer "Yes", then browse to the location of the new template.

Note that if this value is set to an empty string, or if it points to a file that does not exist, then the setting for the QNEW template (in OPTIONS -> FILES) is used.

Currently, this feature is only used when the Sincpac-C3D creates new layers. This may happen when the previous settings for a command were set to a specific layer, but that layer does not exist in the current drawing. For example, say the Pt3d command is set to create points on the layer called MY-PT. If you run the command in a drawing that does not have a MY-PT layer in it, then the Sincpac-C3D will look in the drawing template for a layer called MY-PT. If it finds one, it will copy the layer from the template into the current drawing.

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