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The SPRandomDaylight command finds the daylight point on a surface from a selected point, using the point or user entered elevation.


Type SPRandomDaylight at the command line, you will be prompted to select a point from which to try daylighting to a surface. Once a point is chosen, the elevation at that point is shown and you have the option to use the default or enter a new value. You will then be prompted for the direction for the daylighting, you now must pick a point to define the daylight direction. If a daylight point is found, a temporary white "X" marker is placed in the drawing at the daylight point, and you are prompted whether to add interpolated points. A No response will take you back to the beginning to pick a new point from which to daylight. A Yes response will add new cogo points along the direction to daylight using the number of points and description as defined in the settings. At either of the point selection prompts you have a "SEttings" keyword option. Entering SE will bring you to the Daylight Settings Form where you may enter the surface to daylight to, the slope values for both Cut & Fill, the number of interpolated points to add, and the description to use for these points.

SPRandomw Daylight Settings Form

The lower portion of the dialog box contains the Point Creation Control, which summarizes the current Point Creation Settings. You may adjust these settings by clicking the "Edit Point Creation Settings" button, which will take you to the Point Creation Dialog. Note that the Elevation settings are not available for this command, since the elevation of each point is calculated using the slope from the starting point to the daylight point.

Exiting the Settings Form takes you back to the drawing window at the prompt from which you started entered the Settings form.

Exit the command with no point selection or by pressing ESC. Note that there must be a surface in the drawing in order to use this command.

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