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The DLSewerLaterals command creates dynamic links between pipes. This allows a lateral pipe to change dynamically whenever the main pipe object changes. New pipes added to the pipe networks will not be linked until the command is rerun. Once rerun the lateral rules will be overwritten.


Type DLSewerLaterals at the command line. You will then see a dialog box like that below:

DLSewerLaterals Dialog box

Pipe Networks

The pipe networks determine which pipe network are to be used in the command.

Lateral Parameters

These options determine how the lateral is linked to the main pipe object.

See Also

Blue Dot DLSewerLateralUpdateRules

Updates the sewer lateral rules used in the sewer lateral dynamic links command when the laterals are updated.

Blue Dot DL3LineProf

Creates linked PVIs from one Profile to one or two other Profiles; particularly useful for creating linked center, left, and right profiles for Three-Line Profiles.

Blue Dot DLCoordConvert

Allows User Defined Properties on Cogo Points to be automatically populated with coordinates in alternate Coordinate Systems.

Blue Dot DLEnabled

Enables or disables the automatic updating of Dynamic Links for a drawing.

Blue Dot DLProfiles

Manages dynamic links between Profile PVIs and other Civil-3D entities. This allows the elevations of PVIs to change dynamically whenever the "master" object changes. The "master" object may be a Surface, another Profile, or an adjacent PVI on the same Profile.

Blue Dot DLRefresh

Refreshes all Dynamic Links in the drawing that are known to be out-of-date.

Blue Dot DLRefreshAll

Refreshes all Dynamic Links in the drawing.

Blue Dot DLRefreshItems

Refreshes all Dynamic Links attached to selected objects.