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The AddPVIs command adds selected Civil-3D Points to an existing Profile as PVIs, or create a new Profile using the points. The newly-created PVIs use the elevation of the Civil-3D Points.


Type AddPVIs at the command line, and select the points you wish to use for creating new PVIs. You may also select some points, then right-click and choose "Create/Add to Profile" from the shortcut menu. You will then see the following dialog box:

AddPVIs Dialog box

If any profiles already exist in the drawing, you may add the selected points as additional PVIs. In the top portion of the dialog box, select "Add to Existing Profile", then select the desired Profile. If there are no profiles in the drawing, this option is disabled and cannot be selected.

You may also create a new profile using the selected points, by selecting "Create New Profile" in the lower portion of the dialog. For this option, an Alignment must already exist in the drawing. Select the desired Alignment, and enter the information for the new profile in the lower portion of the dialog box.

If you select the option to "Create New Profile", then after you hit "OK" you will have the option to create a Profile View.


The diagram below contains an Alignment with a Profile. A Profile View containing the Profile is above the alignment, and there is a single Civil-3D Point in the drawing.

AddPVIs Example Start

If we run the AddPVIs command, and select the Civil-3D point and the Profile, we get the following result:

AddPVIs Example End

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