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The SortConnectedPipes command changes the order in which pipes are connected to a structure, sorted by Size (Smallest to Largest) or Invert Elevation (Highest to Lowest).

This command changes the sort order for connected pipes. After starting the SortConnectedPipes command, select the structures you wish to change the pipe sort order of. You may enter SE to access the settings to choose whether the sort will be by the pipe size or by the pipe invert elevations. Once the selection is complete all selected structures will be updated.

See Also

Blue Dot DLSewerLaterals

Creates links between main pipe network pipes and lateral pipe network pipes.

Blue Dot DLSewerLateralsManager

Deletes sewer lateral links from the main and lateral pipes.

Blue Dot DLSewerLateralUpdateRules

Updates the rules that a lateral pipe uses when updated in relation to a main line pipe.

Blue Dot ChPipeHydraulicsFactors

Changes the selected pipe hydraulic factor values of the selected pipes. Hydraulic factors include Manning's Value, Hazen Williams Coefficient, and Darcy Weisbach Factor.

Blue Dot PipeElevationEditor

The PipeElevationEditor is intended to be used just like the Quick Elevation Editor for Featurelines. The user may edit the Start Elevation, End Elevation, the slope holding the start elevation or the slope holding the end elevation. User may toggle to track the pipe invert at any point along the pipe.