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Note - Only available in Sincpac-C3D versions 3.0 and newer

The SPAdjustPipeSlopes allows the user to set the slopes of connected pipes to all be the same slope, as set in the command's settings.


Type SPAdjustPipeSlopes at the command line or select it from the Sincpac2 Ribbon Tab, Tools Panel, Pipes drop down. You will be prompted to select the Pipe Network Part to start from (may be either a pipe or structure), next you will be prompted to select the downstream part at which to terminate setting the slopes. Selecting a part that is not downstream from the first selected part will give you a warning and a chance to select another part that is. At anytime during the selection process you may enter SE to get to the command settings. In the settings you have the option to set the slope to use, the amount of drop to apply at structures, and whether to apply that drop at null structures.

Adjust Pipe Slopes Settings

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