SincpacC3D Command Summary Quux Software


Bonus tools for Civil-3D.

General Information:

Blue Dot Command Summary

An alphabetical listing of all commands available in the Sincpac-C3D.

Blue Dot Product Matrix

The commands in the Sincpac-C3D are now split into three modules, which may be purchased either together or separately. This page contains a grid that illustrates which commands and features are available in each module.

Blue Dot Installation Instructions

Notes on installation of the Sincpac-C3D.

Blue Dot OPTIONS Tab (General Settings)

An explanation of some overall settings, accessed by typing OPTIONS at the command line. This includes settings for the auto-application of background masks to MTEXT. (Note - these options were formerly accessed by typing SPSETTINGS at the command line.)

Blue Dot Quicksets

Quicksets may be used to store command settings for instant recall later.

Blue Dot User Defined Properties

Some tips and tricks on how to use User Defined Properties on Cogo Points.

Blue Dot The Ribbon Interface

The Ribbon interface for the Sincpac-C3D (not available in 2008 and 2009 versions).

Blue Dot "Old Version" Lock

Provides an ability to flag directories as "Keep in Civil-3D 2008", so that the user is warned when overwriting DWG files in those directories with Civil-3D 2009.

Blue Dot Command Aliases

Notes on command aliases for the Sincpac-C3D.

Blue Dot Regular Expressions

A partial synopsis of Regular Expressions.

Blue Dot Customer Involvement Program

Help improve the Sincpac-C3D by providing automatic feedback about your usage.

Blue Dot Known Issues

Known issues with the Sincpac-C3D.