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The FlipObjects command will flip objects 180 degrees.

The FlipObjects command does not work for all objects, but it works for quite a few of them. Any object that has a Rotation attribute can be flipped. This includes DTEXT, MTEXT, and Blocks. When used on Lines or Polylines, this command reverses the direction of the Line or Polyline. However, this command currently cannot reverse the direction of Civil 3D entities such as Alignments, Feature Lines, and Survey Figures. Also, objects such as General Note Labels get their rotation from their Style and cannot be flipped individually.


Type FlipObjects at the command line, and select the objects you wish to flip. You may also run this command by selecting one or more objects, right-clicking, and selecting "Flip Objects" from the shortcut menu.

Note that this command cannot be used directly on General Line/Curve Labels. However, a General Line Label can be attached to a line, and the line can be flipped with this command.

See Also

Blue Dot ChangeStartParam

Change which vertex is used as the start point of Closed Polylines.

Blue Dot FlattenObjects

Similar to the "Flatten" command from the Express Tools, except this command also works on Civil-3D Cogo Points.

Blue Dot RotateAligned

Rotate objects to match a linear object. Each selected object is rotated to match the bearing of the closest point on the linear object.

Blue Dot RotationMatch

Rotate objects to match a selected object. May also be used to rotate objects to match segments of polylines, Feature Lines, Survey Figures, or Parcels. When selecting a linear object, all objects are rotated to match the bearing of the selected point on the linear object.