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The SPImportAnalysis tool encompasses Importing 6 of the available Surface Analyses, each with it's own command.


Type SPImport followed by the TypeOfAnalysis at the command line. Choose from the following Surface Analysis types: Contour, Direction, Elevation, Slope, SlopeArrow, and UserDefinedContour. It will Import the colors as either Aci or TrueColor. MapBook colors are converted to Aci colors. If the current style of the surface is not setup to display the Analysis being imported, then a search of the existing styles is made looking for one that is, the first one found is then set as the Surface style. If no existing style is set to display the Analysis, then the current surface style is updated so it will display it. There is an issue with the Export/Import of the Contour Analysis Major Contour color, where it is saved and imported as color 255�this is an API issue, and must be corrected bu Autodesk.

Use the SPImport followed by the TypeOfAnalysis command in a different drawing to import the saved Analysis. May be used with other versions of C3D.

Command list:

  • SPImportContourAnalysis
  • SPImportDirectionAnalysis
  • SPImportElevationAnalysis
  • SPImportSlopeAnalysis
  • SPImportSlopeArrowAnalysis
  • SPImportUserDefinedContourAnalysis
  • See Also

    Blue Dot SPExportAnalysis

    Quickly and easily export selected Analysis to a saved TXT file to import into another drawing.

    Blue Dot SPCopyAnalyses

    Quickly and easily copy all 6 Analyses (Contour, Direction, Elevation, Slope, SlopeArrow, and UserDefinedContour) to another surface in the same drawing.

    Blue Dot ImportCivilStyles

    Allows any or all Civil Styles in the current drawing to be Imported into a selected target drawing in a single step.

    Blue Dot SPImportTrimbleDescKeys

    Takes the description keys FXL file created by the Trimble software and import them into a C3D description key set, creating layers, blocks (symbols), and PointStyles as needed.