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The SPExportAnalysis tool encompasses exporting 6 of the available Surface Analyses, each with it's own command.


Type SPExport followed by the TypeOfAnalysis at the command line. Choose from the following Surface Analysis types: Contour, Direction, Elevation, Slope, SlopeArrow, and UserDefinedContour. It will export the colors as either Aci or TrueColor and import as the same. MapBook colors are converted to Aci colors. Each type is saved to itís own txt file, which the user may enter any name they prefer. Each saved file includes a short description of how the file is setup and may be edited after creation using a text editor.

Use the SPImport followed by the TypeOfAnalysis command in a different drawing to import the saved Analysis for use in that other drawing. May be used with other versions of C3D.

Command list:

  • SPExportContourAnalysis
  • SPExportDirectionAnalysis
  • SPExportElevationAnalysis
  • SPExportSlopeAnalysis
  • SPExportSlopeArrowAnalysis
  • SPExportUserDefinedContourAnalysis
  • See Also

    Blue Dot SPImportAnalysis

    Quickly and easily import selected Analysis from a saved TXT file into the current drawing.

    Blue Dot SPCopyAnalyses

    Quickly and easily copy all 6 Analyses (Contour, Direction, Elevation, Slope, SlopeArrow, and UserDefinedContour) to another surface in the same drawing.