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The ChangeStartParam command allows the user to change which vertex is the Starting point of a CLOSED polyline.


Type ChangeStartParam at the command line. If you have preselected any polylines the command will get right to editing them, otherwise you will be prompted to select the polylines. Once the edit mode is started, a RED circle will show you the current starting point of the polyline currently being edited. As you move the mouse, a GREEN circle will be shown at the closest vertex for which you may click the left mouse button to select that point as the new start point. If you've selected more than one closed polyline, the command will cycle through to each one until all have been processed.

Works with all CLOSED LightWeightPolylines, 2dpolylines, & 3dpolylines which have not had a Fit or Spline curve edit. All widths & bulges remain where they are. Note that this command is not in the 2008 version due to API constraints.


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