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The SwapLabelSurf command allows the user to change the Surface to which a Surface Label is connected. This command is only available in Sincpac C3D version 3 and newer.

This command replaces the Labels in a drawing, using the same information for style, layer, location, and dragged state, to effectively change the Surface it is labeling.

After starting the SwapLabelSurf command, you will be prompted to enter whether you want to Swap All labels of a surface, or just those matching the STyle of a selected label, or all SElected labels which may be on more than one surface. Respond with All, STyle or SElect. If the user responds with All or STyle, they will then be prompted to select a Surface Label. The next prompt will be to select to the target surface to change the labelís reference to, here you can either select a surface or enter Choose to select it from a list of surfaces in the drawing. Once the user selects a surface, the command completes with the labels referencing the target surface.

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