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The SPRibbonTabCount command specifies how many tabs to use in the Ribbon interface for the Sincpac-C3D. Splitting the commands into two Ribbon tabs improves ease-of-use on small monitors.

Note: This command is not available in the 2008 and 2009 versions.


Type SPRibbonTabCount at the command line, then specify 1 or 2 tabs for the Sincpac-C3D.

Note: This command may also be used to refresh the Sincpac-C3D tab in the Ribbon, should it disappear. For example, the Sincpac-C3D tab will disappear from the Ribbon if you use the CUI Editor. Running this command will cause the Sincpac-C3D tab to reappear. (The Sincpac-C3D tab will also reappear if you refresh your Workspace.)

See Also

Blue Dot The Ribbon Interface

The Ribbon interface for the Sincpac-C3D (not available in 2008 and 2009 versions).

Blue Dot SPRibbonEnabled

Enables or disables the Sincpac-C3D tab in the Ribbon interface.