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The CreateLowering command creates a lowering in a profile. The user specifies the elevation for the lowering and the angle of the bends in the lowering. The user also specifies either the crossing station and clearance distance for the lowering, or the start and end stations for the lowering.


Type CreateLowering at the command line, or select a profile, right-click, and select "Create Lowering" from the shortcut menu. You should then see a dialog box like the one shown below:

CreateLowering Dialog box

The various options are illustrated in the diagram below. Note that, when selecting stations in the drawing, you may pick points in either a Profile View, or in Plan View, either one. There is no need to use a transparent command. However, when picking an elevation in the drawing, you must pick inside a Profile View.

CreateLowering setting description

Note that since we specified a 45 angle for the bends in the lowering, the grade of the profile going in and out of the lowered section is at 100%. If we had specified a bend angle of 22.5 instead, the slopes in and out of the grade break would have been at a 50% grade instead.


Imagine we start with the following profile:

CreateLowering Example 1a

We now pick the profile, right-click, and select "Create Lowering" from the shortcut menu. We then key in the options shown in the image above. The result is as follows:

CreateLowering Example 1b

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