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Issues with Profiles and Profile Views

With the current API, there is limited control over Profiles and Profile Views. Unfortunately, this has a couple of repercussions for the commands that create Profiles and/or Profile Views.

The first issue shows up in Profile Views that exist in the drawing before Profiles are created. If a command (such as AddPVIs) creates a new Profile, the Profile will show up in the existing Profile View, but no labels will show up. In this case, you must select the Profile after it is created, right-click, and select "Edit labels..." to add the label set you desire.

For commands that create Profile Views, labels will appear on the Profiles in those Views. Unfortunately, there is no provision in the API for controlling which Label Set is used. If your drawing only contains one Label Set for Profiles, then there is no issue - that Label Set is automatically used to place the labels. However, if you have more than one label set in your drawings, it can be a bit difficult getting the one you want to be used. It doesn't seem to follow a simple rule, like it always uses the last style created, or something like that. But if you can get the styles in your drawing template(s) setup so that these commands are using the Label Set you want placed "by default", it seems to work well. Then, for those cases where you do not want the default Label Set, you need to right-click on the Profile after creating it, and select "Edit labels..." to change the label set.

There is one way that seems to work relatively reliably, and gets your favorite label set applied as each Profile View is created. When starting a new drawing template from scratch, the initial template typically contains a single Profile Label Set named "Standard". This "Standard" set is nearly always the one that gets applied by default, assuming you do not delete it. So if you edit the "Standard" label set to look the way you want, you will probably get your favorite Profile Label Set applied by default. You can even change the name of the Label Set to something other than "Standard", and it should still work.

Unfortunately, if you later decide you want to use a different style as your "default", it can be very difficult getting your desired Label Set to be used as the default. Usually, the easiest thing is to figure out which style is currently be used as the default, and then edit that style to look the way you want it (changing its name if necessary). Hopefully, a future version of the API will address these issues, and we will gain better control over these labels.