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The SwapPipeNetworkParts command swaps multiple pipes or structures from one size to another size.


Type SwapPipeNetworkParts at the command line, and select the pipes, structures or profile view parts you wish to swap to a new part size. When you have finished selecting items, a dialog box will be shown. Select the appropriate Parts List, Pipe Part Family, Pipe Size, Structure Part Family and Structure Sizes for both the pipes and/or structures selected. Select a match point for the pipes, the default is the center point of the pipe.

Optionally select the Pipe Hydraulics value(s) to change when the pipe is swapped. The values available to change include the Manning's Value, Darcy Weisbach Factor, and the Hazen Williams Coefficient.

SwapPipeNetworkParts Dialog box

See Also

Blue Dot PipeElevationEditor

Used just like the Quick Elevation Editor for Featurelines. The user may edit the Start Elevation, End Elevation, the slope holding the start elevation or the slope holding the end elevation. User may toggle to track the pipe invert at any point along the pipe.