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The ScaleXY command scales most objects in just the XY direction, maintaining the original elevation.


Type ScaleXY at the command line, and select the items you wish to scale. When you have finished selecting items, right-click. Or, you may select items first, then run the ScaleXY command. You will then be prompted for a base point, and a scale factor. Alternatively, instead of entering a scale factor, you may type "R" to pick scaling points in the drawing, or type "P" to select a predefined scale factor from a list of common scale factors.

When selecting the scaling points, you may type "R" (for "Reference") to pick a new reference base point for calculating the scaling distance. This new reference point is only used for selecting the reference distance; the points are still scaled using the scaling base point.

This command does not work on all objects, but it works on most of them. Those that cannot be scaled in 2d are still scaled in 3d. When an alignment is included in the objects to be scaled, all associated Design Profiles will be automatically adjusted so the grade breaks and vertical curves will retain their correct locations on the alignment. Should you encounter an object which you think would benefit from inclusion in the 2d scaling, please let us know.

See Also

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Scales Civil-3D Cogo Points horizontally without applying a datum adjustment to the points.

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