SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The RemoveDuplicatePIs command removes duplicate PIs from Polylines, 2D-Polylines, and 3D-Polylines. It is particularly useful for cleaning up linework from others, or linework created by software other than Civil-3D, which may have created duplicate vertices in polylines.

This command is called automatically by StakeFeatures and HashPoly if the source linework contains duplicate vertices.


Type RemoveDuplicatePIs at the command line. Select linework; any duplicate vertices in the selected linework will be removed.

See Also

Blue Dot FlattenObjects

Similar to the "Flatten" command from the Express Tools, except this command also works on Civil-3D Cogo Points.

Blue Dot HashPoly

Create hash marks at PIs, PCs, PCCs, and PRCs along polylines, Feature Lines, Survey Figures, or Parcels.

Blue Dot StakeFeatures

Create elevated offset points along Feature Lines, Survey Figures, Parcels, Polylines, or 3D-Polylines for survey stakeout.