SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The ParcelAreaStats command gives the user a method to gather Area statistics for a Site, or Sites, and the Parcels contained within them. The currently reported statistics are Total Number of Parcels, Minimum (smallest) Parcel Size, Maximum (largest) Parcel Size, and Average Parcel Size.


Type ParcelAreaStats at the command line. You will be presented with a form in which to select a Site, or Sites, and the types of Parcels to include. You may choose as few, or as many, of each as you like. The statistics window will auto-update as you select/deselect items. To copy the results to the Clipboard just highlight the text in the statistics window and use the normal Windows CTRL+C, & CTRL+V to paste, keystrokes.

See Also

Blue Dot SPParcelInverse

Gives the user a method report the 2d Inverse and/or Mapcheck of the perimeter of a Parcel, Polyline, Featurline, or Figure.