SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The PGUpdateEnabled command enables or disables the automatic updating of Point Groups in the drawing.


Type PGUpdateEnabled at the command line. You will then be prompted for the new setting for Point Group auto-updates, enabled or disabled. This setting is stored in each drawing.

When the Point Group auto-update feature is enabled, Point Groups will automatically refresh whenever one or more Cogo Points are created by any command, including "Import from File". When this feature is disabled, you may use the PGUpdateAll command to update all point groups. Additionally, if both PGUpdateEnabled and PGUpdateOnEdit are enabled, Point Groups will be updated whenever one or more Cogo Points are edited.

If the current drawing has no value set for PGUpdateEnabled, then the value specified on the OPTIONS Tab is used.

See Also

Blue Dot OPTIONS Tab

Adjust general settings for the Sincpac-C3D.

Blue Dot PGBrowser

Point Group Browser. Provides a quick way to flip through Point Groups, and edit the style and override settings. Also displays a Point List of all points currently in the group. The Point List may be edited to add or remove points from the group.

Blue Dot PGUpdateAll

Updates all Point Groups in the current drawing. Equivalent to selecting the "Point Groups" collection in Toolspace and using right-click -> Update.

Blue Dot PGUpdateOnEdit

Determines whether or not an automatic update of Point Groups should be triggered when Cogo Points are edited. PGUpdateEnabled must also be enabled.