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The MatchSubAssyProps command provides a simple method to copy the numeric values between same type subassemblies.

After starting the MatchSubAssemblyProps command, you will be prompted to select the source subassembly. Upon a successful selection you will then be prompted to select the subassemblies to match to the source subassembly. You may create the selection by individual selection or by window/crossing/fence. Only those subassemblies whose type matches the source wil actually be modified. After you are done with the selection process, press ENTER to process the subassemblies. NOTE - Only the properties having a numeric value (width, height, depth, etc.) are changed. All others (side, code, etc.) are unaffected.

See Also

Blue Dot SPLabelAssembly

Allows the user to select Corridor Assemblies and add MText labels with a Field set to the assembly name.