SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software

Hash Settings


The HashParcel and HashPoly commands create Hash marks along linear objects.

The Hash Marks are created using the block named ZZZZ_Hash. If this block does not exist in the current drawing, it is automatically created. The default block is an Annotative block, and each hash mark gets only the current modelspace Annotation scale added to its scale list as it is created. You must manually add any other desired scales to each hash mark's scale list. As with all Annotative objects, the hash marks will not show up in a viewport unless the viewport's annotation scale is also in the scale list for the hash marks. If you are careful about which layer you place your hash marks on, you can select one hash mark, then right-click and choose "Select Similar" to add or remove annotation scales to all the hash marks at once.

Hash Settings

The Settings dialog for the HashParcel and HashPoly commands looks like this:

Hash Settings

Max Deflection Angle:

The Deflection Angle is the difference between the Course In and the Course Out for any PI in the figure. Angle points in the figure will only receive a hash mark if the Deflection Angle is less than this value. The following diagram illustrates these cases:

Hash Angle Points

Hash POLs and POCs:

These commands will always place a hash mark at every Point of Curvature (PC), Point of Reverse Curve (PRC), or Point of Compound Curve (PCC). In all of these cases, the Course In to the PI is the same as (collinear with) the Course Out of the PI. The following diagram illustrates these cases:


However, if the PI represents a Point on Line (POL) or a Point On Curve (POC), that PI will only receive a hash mark if the "Hash consecutive collinear segments" option is selected. The diagram below indicates these two cases:


Note that this final option is not available for the HashParcel command, because it results in too many extra hashes being applied. A Parcel has a PI wherever an adjoining lot line hits the Parcel, so the HashParcel command automatically ignores all POLs and POCs, and this option is disabled.