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The HashParcel command creates hash marks at PIs, PCs, PCCs, and PRCs for all Parcels in the selected Sites.


Type HashParcel at the command line and you will see a dialog box like the one below, listing all Sites in the current drawing. You may also click on the button labeled "Modify Hash Settings" to change the current Hash Settings.

HashParcel Dialog


The image below depicts a sample site, containing six parcels.

HashParcel Before

Running the HashParcel command yields the following results:

HashParcel After

See Also

Blue Dot HashPoly

Create hash marks at PIs, PCs, PCCs, and PRCs along polylines, Feature Lines, Survey Figures, or Parcels.

Blue Dot LotCorners

Set points on all lot corners in the selected parcel(s).

Blue Dot ParcelOffset

Creates offsets with varied distances around parcels. Useful for setbacks and utility easements that run at differing distances around the lot, such as 7' along the front, 5' along the sides, and 10' along the rear.