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Grading Settings


The Grading Settings are used by several of the commands that datum-adjust points.

The Grading Settings Dialog offers the following options:

Grading Settings Dialog

(Note that fewer options are available in the Free Edition.)

Vertical Adjustment:

This amount is added to the profile elevation. It would be the sum of y + z in the diagram below.

Grade or Slope:

Cross-slope grade or slope, sloping away from centerline in both directions. The cross-slope may be specified either as a percent grade, or as a slope in either Run:Rise or Rise:Run format, depending on which options are selected.

Grading Offset:

An additional horizontal offset to apply. This affects the grade calculation, by changing the distance between the alignment and the grading point.

Grading Settings Image

See Also

Blue Dot Pt2Feature

Datum-adjust points based on Feature Lines, 3D-Polylines, Survey Figures, or other linework.

Blue Dot Pt2Profile

Datum-adjust points based on Profiles.

Blue Dot SGObject

Straight-grade points, using an existing piece of linework as a temporary alignment for the grading.

Blue Dot SGRD

Straight-grade points, using a temporary grading line drawn through pick points.