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The SPCogoPtsToSHP command will dump Cogo Points to an ESRI Shapefile, which may be imported into other GIS applications.

In order to use this command, you should have a Coordinate Zone set in your drawing settings.


There are two primary methods of usage:

The exported point data will include the Point Number, X (Easting), Y (Northing), Z (Elevation), & Description, as well as any UserDefinedProperties (UDP's) associated with the point.

Once the point selection is made you will be prompted for a SHP filename for the Shapefile. The default name will be that of the current drawing with the SHP extension. Hitting Save with a valid file name will start the Shapefile creation. The command creates ObjectDTables based on the UDPClassifications, fills the tables with the UDP’s then creates Autocad Points with the CogoPoint data attached as ObjectData, the shapefiles are written, and finally the Autocad Points and ODTables are removed from the drawing and you are left back at the command prompt.

See Also

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