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The SPVerticalCurveCalculator command is a tool to calculate Vertical Curves without the need for a profile. Outputs to a textfile with option to create CogoPoints on the alignment at station & elevation from the Vertical Curve.


Run the SPVerticalCurveCalculator command, the following dialog box will then appear:

SPVerticalCurveCalculator dialog

Enter a project name, edit the date, if desired, select an alignment, fill in the required data for the Vertical Curve, and hit the "Calc Stations and Elevations" button. The text box will fill with the calculated stations, elevations and descriptions. The Start, End, and High/Low descriptions use the abbreviations set on the Drawing's Ambient Settings. The interval points use "POVC" for PointOnVerticalCurve.

Once the calcs have been made, you may out put to a text file or to both a text file and as points on the alignment. You will have the option to name the file to save the data to, as well as to overwrite anexisting file or append the data to it. Use the Point Settings panel to set those options.

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