SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



'POS (for PointOnSurface) allows you to get a point with elevation from a C3D surface.


At any command expecting a 3d point input, enter 'POS and follow the prompts. If no surfaces exist in the drawing, you are notified and it takes you back to the input point prompt; if only one surface exists, it is used by default; if more than one surface exists, the first time you use POS it will ask you to select a surface (you must be able to physically select it in the drawing), it will then be saved as the default surface for this drawing; you may switch surfaces by typing S at the prompt and selecting a different surface. Once the correct surface is current, pick a point in the drawing; if the point lies within the surface, that point's XYZ are returned and used as the input to the point prompt.