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The SPSetLayoutLayer command sets the layer to automatically get set Current when changing layouts.


Type SPSetLayoutLayer at the command line to bring up the settings. Select the layer and any prefix/suffix to be added to the name. The setting will take affect when you hit OK. Should you wish to stop the behavior of setting the current layer, issue the command SPRemoveLayoutLayer in that layout.

Set Layout Layer setting

See Also

Blue Dot SPLayFrz

Similar to the LAYFRZ command, except will freeze (or vpfreeze, in paperspace) the "apparent" layer of certain Civil-3D entities.

Blue Dot SPLayIso

Similar to the LAYISO (Layer Isolate) command, except that when certain Civil-3D entities are selected, all layers involved in displaying the entity will remain visible. Also works to isolate entire XREFs, or individual layers inside of XREFs.

Blue Dot SPLayOff

Similar to the LAYOFF (Layer Off) command, except will turn off the "apparent" layer of certain Civil-3D entities.