SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The FigArea command displays the 2D surface area of selected items. It works on a variety of items, including Survey Figures, Feature Lines, Parcels, Polylines, and 3D-Polylines.


Type FigArea at the command line and select items on the screen. Right-click or hit ENTER when you are done.

Note that this command will return an area for polylines and figures that are not closed. This area is determined by adding a closing line to the figure, which may or may not be useful for your purposes. The return value will notify you if the figure is not closed.

Example 1:

In the image below, the tennis courts are defined by a Survey Figure.

FigArea tennis image

Selecting the figure yields the following result:

FigArea tennis result

Example 2:

Note that the curb flowline indicated below is not a closed figure.

FigArea Curb image

This still returns an area, but the result contains a warning that the figure was not closed:

FigArea Curb result

See Also

Blue Dot ParcelOffset

Creates offsets with varied distances around parcels. Useful for setbacks and utility easements that run at differing distances around the lot, such as 7' along the front, 5' along the sides, and 10' along the rear.