SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The SPExportDescKeys command is a feature which allows the user to export all Description Key Sets in the current drawing to a zipped XML file with an extension of .KEYX, containing Description Key Sets and their respective Description Keys and settings (including point styles, point label styles, layers, linetypes, and text styles), which may be imported into other drawings or archived for later use.


Type SPExportDescKeys at the command line. You will be presented with the standard save file dialog in which you may browse to, and select, the desired KEYX file to save. The file is created immediately, you will be notified on the command line once it is done...normally just a moment or two.

Use the SPImportDescKeys command in a different drawing to import the saved Description Key Sets for use in that other drawing. May be used with other versions of C3D.

See Also

Blue Dot SPImportDescKeys

Quickly and easily import selected Description Key Sets from a named XML or KEYX file into the current drawing.

Blue Dot ExportCivilStyles

Allows any or all Civil Styles in the current drawing to be exported into a selected target drawing in a single step.

Blue Dot SPImportTrimbleDescKeys

Takes the description keys FXL file created by the Trimble software and import them into a C3D description key set, creating layers, blocks (symbols), and PointStyles as needed.