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The ElevateFeaturelineFromText command allows the user take drawings which have been annotated using basic Text and/or Mtext objects or with CogoPoints, create featurelines from polylines or use existing featurelines, and then set the vertex elevations based on the annotation. This is handy for surveyors who regularly get 'dumb' drawings from sources not using Civil3D.

After starting the ElevateFeaturelineFromText command, you will be shown the Settings form where you need to enter the Site on which to place new featurelines and the Fuzz factor to use to determine if the Text/Mtext/CogoPoint object is close to the vertex. Exiting the setting, you will prompted to select the Text/Mtext or CogoPoints & Linework, which will be selected by layers. If there are Text/Mtext or CgoPoint objects and polylines/featurelines selected, the command will process the items and set the vertice elevations.

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