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The DLPointsViewer command displays a form with tabs showing which "Master" objects have which points linked to them.

Entering DLPointsViewer, the form shown below is displayed. There are 3 tabs, one each for Surfaces, Alignments, and Linear Obects. Each tab contains a ListView to display the Dynamically Linked points associated with that object type. Each ListView has 3 modes of display: "Detail" (this is the default) which shows the Pt#, Description, Elevation, Northing and Easting in a group under each object's name, "Grouped" which just displays the Point numbers grouped under each object's name, and "List" which shows Point numbers only with no grouping. You can toggle which display type is shown with the toggle button in the upper right corner of the tab.

You may sort the columns by clicking the header of the column you wish to sort by, each click will toggle between Ascending & Descending. The current display mode and sort column/order are saved between uses. The columns may be resized and relocated, but these settings are not saved.

DLPointsViewer Form

See Also

Blue Dot DLPoints

Manages dynamic links between Cogo Points and other Civil-3D entities. This allows the elevations of Cogo Points to change dynamically whenever the "master" object changes. Similarly, the description may be set to display the Station/Offset of the point, and the Station/Offset will also dynamically respond to changes in the model. The "master" object may be a Surface, a Profile, an Alignment, or a linear entity such as a Feature Line, Survey Figure, Polyline, or 3D-Polyline.