SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The CpProps command copies properties and styles from one object to another. The exact properties that are copied vary somewhat, depending on the type of object selected.


Type CpProps at the command line, and select the items you wish to change. When you have finished selecting items, right-click. Or, you may select items first, then run the CpProps command. You will then be prompted to select the item to copy properties from.

Note that objects only match other objects if they are of similar types. As objects are changed, they are removed from the selection set, and you may select another object to match. The command will exit when all objects in the selection set have been changed. You may also right-click without selecting anything to exit the command.

This command does not work on all objects, but it works on most of them. Not all types of objects have exactly the same properties copied. For example, most Civil 3D objects will not match the layer of the selected object, because most Civil 3D objects usually reside on an Object Layer. Changing that layer doesn't make sense in most cases. However, the layer is changed when matching Civil 3D Cogo Points.

Also, when using this command on Civil 3D Cogo Points, keep in mind that Point Group settings may override the display of Cogo Points. This command will only copy the settings that are assigned directly to the Cogo Points, and not the settings assigned to Point Groups.