SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software



The AddMultipleSegmentLabels command add line and curve segment labels to multiply selected lines, arcs, feature lines, and polylines, with options for selecting the line segment and curve segment label styles.


Type AddMultipleSegmentLabels at the command line. Or select some lines, arcs, feature lines, or polylines, then run the command. You will then see a dialog box like that below:

AddMultipleSegmentLabels Dialog box

Select the curve label style and the line label style. Then select the desired location of the labels on the segment. The locations available are start, middle or end.

See Also

Blue Dot CreatePointsFromLabels

Creates Civil-3D Points at the exact location and elevation of Surface Elevation Labels found in a drawing.

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Creates a dynamic link between a Profile View Label and a Civil-3D entity (pipes and profiles).

Blue Dot GenLabelLayer

Changes the current Object Layer settings for General Note and General Segment Labels to match an object selected on-screen.

Blue Dot GlobalLabelSettings

Allows the user to update Label Styles from older versions of Civil 3D to use the newer formatting codes.

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Quick-set dialog for Drawing Scale, General Line/Curve Label layer, and General Note Label layer.